Which beatle is barefoot on the iconic album cover of the beatles abbey road?

Ask your friend to name the biggest trick of 1969 and you can bet someone will say the landing on the moon. But if you're still asking about, that is, after the horror realizes that you do not know your friends at all, maybe you'll hear that the biggest trick is the rumor "Paul Dead". In most of the sixties of the last century, the hearing about Fab4 accumulated until Mimi was shocked by the odd newspapers everywhere: that Paul McCartney had crashed into a bad Aston Martin in 1966 and over the years has been replaced by a paycheck. Concepciants based their claim on a car crash report involving one of McCartney's cars. He also recorded the years of precious clues found in song lyrics and album covers starting from Sgt. Leprosy lonely clubs heart band for magic mystery tour.

Speculation about Paul's death is at an all-time high when it was released on Cover Dad's cover album in September '69. For many people, the cover may have appeared when the band marched painlessly through the Abby route in London, but for some Pitmilkens, the picture was a choreography of cookies in that dreadful symbolism. Is that a big conspiracy or a detailed marketing plan? Here are eight symbols shown over the years in a certain order of honesty ...

1. This funeral procession.

This is the so-called band-image theorist as it crosses North London Street. They show that John Lennon's white coat symbolizes the mourning in some Eastern religions while Ringo Starr is a traditional black black. But what they forgot to mention was that George Harrison was wearing Denim - a color of mourning in Canada.

2. Smoking weapons!

Paul holds his cigar in his right hand, even though he is Levitte. Surely this proved to be a cheat.

3. Paul's feet are naked.

Why? It is a reminder, they say, that in some cultures the dead are buried without their shoes. No word about what symbolizes the fact that Ringo Star will become a commando.

4. license plate

In the background we see the Volkswagen Beetle with panel "28U Lamo" which claims that this means that Paul will be 28 if he survives. (Not to mention the fact that it really is true if the rumor is true.)

5. Police car.

Parked by the side of the road is a black police car, which is said to symbolize the authorities who remain silent around the deadly Boulder-Bender barrier. Say what these symbols will weaken - it is undeniable that the van is keeping the mother.