[ Answer ] Which of the following organisms has an open circulatory system?

Answer About : Which of the following organisms has an open circulatory system? 

In the human body there is a circulatory system that works to pump blood from the heart throughout the body and drain blood from the body to the heart. The system that makes humans look at can survive. On this occasion mimin will discuss about the open circulatory system and closed circulatory system. Before we membehasnya labih far, it would be nice we know the notion of the circulatory system first.

The open circulatory system is a fairly simple blood circulation where the heart drains blood throughout the body by draining blood into the body cavities. The open circulatory system does not use blood vessels to circulate blood. In the circulatory system is open, usually blood vessels have not been formed perfectly so that blood distribution sometimes without passing through the blood vessels. Blood vessels are connected with open sinuses because there is no true heart or capillary. Blood flow is very slow.

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One of the animals with an open circulatory system is arthropods (book animals) such as grasshoppers, spiders, shrimp and others. In these animals the blood vessels are low-pressure and the process requires less energy. So no wonder the vascular system is open to animals such as insects because it has a fairly slow metabolic system.

True circulatory system serves to bring liquid in the form of nutrients to meet the needs of living a living thing, not least in humans and animals.

The circulation of blood in animals serves to carry fluids throughout the body whether it be blood or hemolimfa. Blood flows in the blood vessels and hemolimfa flows into the body cavity (hemocoel). Hemolimfa is a fluid containing blood cells or hemosite.

The majority of invertebrate animals have an open circulatory system such as insects that are partly intersisial fluid (liquids that fill the cells between cells) in their bodies. In contrast to vertebrate animals that have a closed circulatory system.